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In a far off land resides the wondrous world of the Jolly Jokers. An advanced community of 5,000 Jolly Jokers that can best be described as a sports utopia. The fields are perfectly mowed, the greenside bunkers raked, and the hardcourts pristine. From an early age, competition through sport is engrained in a Joker. As soon as Jokers can crawl, they learn how to race. When they can walk, they learn how to dribble. And when they can skate, they have a stick in hand and puck at their feet. There is never any pressure to practice or play from elders – something is different inside a Jolly Joker. Like an evolutionary trait passed down from their ancient ancestors, Jolly Jokers are enthused and gain pure joy from everything sport. Watching, playing, wagering, strategizing … occasionally even coming up with new games of their own and ways to enjoy sports.

The Jolly Jokers may not be the pinnacle of athletes but that doesn’t keep them from trying, often attempting to mimic their heroes they watch on tv. Catch a game in the Land of Jolly Jokers and you are likely to see a mouthguard hanging out while shooting a three, a point over the fence while looking for a fastball, or a dramatic fist bump into the air as a putt falls into the bottom of a cup. It can bring chills as if you’re reliving many of the world’s iconic moments.

Filled with joy and energized by sport, the Jolly Jokers are sure to put a smile on your face. They welcome you to their land where you can learn about their culture, play their games, and be introduced to the greatest sporting community you never knew existed. Welcome to the Jolly Jokers!

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Price: $299Supply: 5,000

To participate:

Burn an Owners Club card


Send 5 NBA Top Shot moments to JJ Community Wallet

First 1000 people to register are guaranteed to mint up to three, beyond that minting will depend on demand and availability.

After all Pre-Orders have been delivered, we will open up mint for our whitelist users. You can earn your spot on the whitelist via various activities leading up to the mint. Keep an eye on the website, Twitter, and Discord to make sure you take advantage of these opportunities!

After the whitelist purchase period has concluded, any remaining Jolly Jokers will become available for public sale.






























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Jolly Joker Land
Utility + Roadmap

Is there a Discord?

Of course! The Discord is where Jolly Joker communities hang out, sweat the games, trade strategy tips, and support each other through the ups and downs of fandom.

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